Monthly Archives: March 2018

#235 – Chris Read

Chris Read – The Canadian Dad. He is back! Chris Read’s latest appearance on the Life of Dad After Show marks his sixth time as a guest on the show. Chris talks with Art about how they both had to deal with the rough experience of watching your child break a bone. Each of them had a daughter deal with breaking a bone. Chris talks about how his son got to meet some of his favorite MLB players, his Disney trip and much more.

#233 – Taylor Calmus

The Dude Dad himself, Taylor Calmus stops by to chat with Art Eddy to talk about his site and YouTube Channel, fatherhood and balancing work and family. 

A comedian/actor turned father, Taylor Calmus became a father in the beginning of 2016. He combines his passion for story telling and fatherhood in his weekly Vlog called Dude Dad that follows his experiences as a new dad and his ever-changing life. The Vlog also features, music parodies, sketch comedy, pranks, DIY tips and much more. One part informative and two parts ridiculous, Taylor brings a fresh approach to family vlogging.

#232 – David Steele

David Steele opens up to Art Eddy about losing his baby daughter, Aubrey Violet a day after she was born in 2015. David talks about battling depression, getting inspired by his daughter’s memory from hearing a song on the radio, him and his wife welcoming another child, Madelyn Rose into their family and starting his website, Dads of Steele.

The mission at Dads of Steele is to bring dads together to inspire, encourage, and motivate each other. They want to be a group that is supportive of you and will help you grow- a place where you can be open about your struggles and celebrate your victories. They are creating a community that will encourage you through the hard times and celebrate with you as you experience success! There are all types of motivation. They believe the most important one should be your family. No matter your situation, they hope their platform will help you become the best version of yourself for your family.

For more on David and his site Dads of Steele go to his website at

#231 – Dr. Daniel B. Singley and Dr. David Levine

Dr. Daniel B. Singley and Dr. David Levine talk with Art Eddy about International Fathers’ Mental Health Day. The day was founded by paternal postpartum depression survivor Mark Williams and fatherhood mental health expert and PSI board member Dr. Daniel Singley, IFMHD involves taking the day after Father’s Day to launch a focused social media campaign which highlights key aspects of fathers’ mental health. It is an annual event aimed at highlighting the unique mental health strengths and needs that fathers have.

International Fathers Mental Health Day will be on June 18th this year. Their mission is to improve fathers’ psychological well-being by raising awareness and decreasing stigma. They want fathers to share their stories and health professionals.

For more go to their Facebook page HERE.