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#230 – Glen Henry

Glen from Beleaf in Fatherhood talks with Art Eddy about how he started up his YouTube channel, his new book, It’s Bedtime Now. This self published book, inspired by the Beleaf in Fatherhood YouTube channel pokes fun at the everyday struggle of trying to put kids to bed. The Chocolate Babies learn a valuable lesson about listening. This is almost an exact scene from Beleaf In Fatherhood, that is light hearted and sure to be a favorite story before putting your child to bed.

Glen looks to tell honest stories about the ins and outs of being a Dad. His wife Yvette and him have 3 children, Theo, Uriah, and Anaya. His channel has been active since October 19th 2015 and enjoy people joining their journey.

The mission of Beleaf in Fatherhood is to equip fathers, give hope to mothers, and inspire children.

To pre-order his book, It’s Bedtime Now click here and for more on Glen go to his website.

#229 – Bryan Erwin

Writer Bryan Erwin stops by the Life of Dad studio to talk with Art Eddy about his new movie, Fixed, fatherhood and the struggles of his son cheering for another football team and not the Green Bay Packers.

In Fixed, the movie follows Allan, who is a married father of three whose sex life takes another hit when his wife can no longer take the pill. He soon finds himself with an appointment for a vasectomy and a nagging identity crisis. Although he is by all reasonable accounts a good, responsible man, the thought of getting “fixed” drives him to lose himself to an action-packed midlife crisis along with his best friends. Allan will refuse to grow up anymore.

You can purchase Fixed on iTunes and wherever movies are available for digital download.

#228 – Dr. Steven Masley

Dr. Steven Masley stops by the Life of Dad studio to talk about his new book The Better Brain Solution. Dr. Masley is a physician, nutritionist, and a fellow with the American Heart Association, the American College of Nutrition, and the American Academy of Family Physicians. He is a Clinical Associate Professor with the University of South Florida and runs the Masley Optimal Health Center in St. Petersburg, FL.

His clinical research focuses on the impact of lifestyle choices on brain function, heart health, and aging. In The Better Brain Solution he pulls together the latest research to demonstrate and explain the link between insulin resistance/diabetes and loss of brain function/memory, and shows us that in actuality, the insulin resistance epidemic is causing the memory loss epidemic in the US right now. In addition to linking the two biggest health epidemics in the US right now, he provides us with a plan to dial back the damage and reverse memory loss and cognitive decline for those experiencing it, and to boost brain function at any age. Beyond explaining the link between sugar and the brain, he also details a list of 12 smart foods to help boost brain function, as well as the key nutrients for brain health, and recipes that feed the brain and the body.

For more on Dr. Steven Malsey go to his website at

#227 – Otis Hooper

Art Eddy talks with Otis Hooper about fatherhood, transforming his body from DadBod to IronMan triathlete  Oits has four young boys and the challenged him about eating better.

So the Air Force Pilot, who was 50 pounds overweight a few years ago.  Between traveling for his job, balancing a growing family with his wife, he was overwhelmed and letting his health slip.  

But once he found a way to align his plan, with a purpose, he ended up finding his true passion – Inspiring others!  He lost the 50 pounds of fat, gained 25 pounds of muscle and found himself on stage… competing for the title of “Mr. Olympia” in Las Vegas and in the pages of “Men’s Health” magazine, with one of the Top 40 physiques in the world! 

For more on Otis go to and follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @teamhooper6