#226 – Erin Teagan

Author Erin Teagan stops by the Life of Dad Studio to talk with Art Eddy about her latest books from the American Girl: Girl of the Year series. Erin writes about Luciana Vega, the 2018 Girl of the Year. She comes with an out-of-this-world storyline about an 11-year-old who dreams of being the first person on Mars. American Girl worked with NASA, including a task force of advisors (scientists, astronauts, and more below) who helped ensure the accuracy and authenticity of Luciana’s world—from her story and products to a STEM-based educational program in partnership with Scholastic and Space Camp.

Erin’s two books in that series are Luciana and Luciana: Braving the Deep.

Erin shocked her parents and friends when she declared she’d become a scientist so she could later become a writer.  After all she got a 110% in high school biology, so she must have known what she was doing.  She also knew that in science, especially when working on research drugs, bringing your work home could actually be punishable by law.  This left lots of time to work on her novel after work.

Erin lives in Virginia with her own two little mad scientists, a ninety pound lap dog, a rabbit, and a husband that regularly puts himself in danger with all of his extreme sports.  

Follow her on Twitter at @ErinKTeagan and her website erinteagan.com. Go to AmericanGirl.com to learn more on the Luciana Vega collection. 

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