#225 – Anthony Turgman

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Anthony Turgman one of the co-hosts from the Talk Thirty to Me Podcast.  They talk to Anthony about his goal is to become a leader of his generation as well as a role model to those around him. He actively challenges himself to become better at what he does everyday as well as continuing to grow his love and devotion toward his amazing wife and children.

Recently, he has taken his dream to the next level by forming his own company – Live Solutions – where he hopes to unite those looking to make a difference in their local or global communities, while still maintaining their individuality within their respective professional or social circles. Tattooed Brother of ΛΘΦ. Proud graduate of UC Riverside and UC Davis. Reppin’ the Giants – Orange & Black – since before he was born. Oh, and he’s a Clipper fan as well.

Go to http://www.talkthirtytome.com for more information on the podcast and the many other things that Anthony and his co-host Randy talk about on their site.

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