#223 – Richard X Zawits – The Tangle

Art Eddy talks with Richard X Zawitz who is a sculptor, inventor and Thaumaturgist. They talk about fatherhood, having his son work in his family’s business and his grandson interning at the company and how his invention The Tangle has been one of the most played with toys for some time now.

Zawitz was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, a place long known for its steel industry and Andy Warhol. Zawitz’s early sculptural inclinations were deeply anchored in these in two inspirational elements.

Zawitz attained a degree in Fine Arts sculpture, with additional majors in Asian Philosophy and Asian Art History from the University of Hawaii 1972. Zawitz’s work in sculpture has been devoted to manifesting essences and energies of Chinese Taoism, Zen, and other metaphysical and alchemical traditions.

Zawitz’s accomplishments include the creation and invention of what he calls“Curvism” in three dimensions and The Tangle Particle. His work encompasses not only Infinity Art but the ubiquitous plaything “Tangle”. Zawitz employs numerous materials and mediums in his work, including wood, stone, metals, plastics, fauna and flora, and mind.

The artist’s sculptures are found in public, and private collections worldwide, while his miniature works of art, Tangle Playthings, having sold over 100 million editions worldwide, can be found in homes, schools and offices.

Tangle is the original fidget toy, a pioneer in therapeutic brain tools for children and schools. The sensory and motor stimulation Tangle provides has been found to help stimulate and maintain attention, even improve math and reading comprehension.

Tangle is one of the most highly recommended educational and therapeutic toys worldwide for an incredibly wide range of Special Needs populations. The shape, color, texture and visual impact of Tangle stimulates the brain and makes Tangle a fun and functional toy!

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