#222 – Duane from Dads Surviving Divorce

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Duane from Dads Surviving Divorce to talk about his experience with his divorce and how he has helped other dads. Duane started up his site, Dads Surviving Divorce to help people survive when divorcing a narcissistic ex and when kids are involved.  Breaking free from a narcissistic abusive relationship is complicated enough but when you add kids into the mix what are you supposed to do? His site will strive to answer those questions and provide you real-world experience to help you through the process.

Having a few years under his belt and a bit more experience in dealing with the daily life of divorce and being, basically, a single father (at least for half the time) he has learned a few things. For more information go to dadsurvivingdivorce.com.



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