#221 – Nathan Timmel – Hey Buddy Dubious Advice from Dad

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk with stand-up comedian and father, Nathan Timmel. They talk about Nathan’s book, Hey Buddy… Dubious Advice from Dad, fatherhood and what type of content he talks about while up on stage.

When he was but six years old, Nathan conned his sweet little grandmother into buying him a record album. The cover pictured a man picking his nose, and what’s funnier to a six-year-old than boogers? That album was George Carlin’s “Class Clown,” and soon Nathan was the only child running around the playground shouting the “Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say On Television.” Thus began Nathan’s descent into a career in stand-up comedy.

A storyteller with the ability to hit with one liners, Nathan sticks close to home when it comes to material. He talks of his tours overseas, his daughter’s poopy diapers, and his experiences in getting his wife pregnant (material she doesn’t always appreciate).

Nathan currently lives near Iowa City, Iowa, with his wife and two children. For more on Nathan go to nathantimmel.com.

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