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#223 – Richard X Zawits – The Tangle

Art Eddy talks with Richard X Zawitz who is a sculptor, inventor and Thaumaturgist. They talk about fatherhood, having his son work in his family’s business and his grandson interning at the company and how his invention The Tangle has been one of the most played with toys for some time now.

Zawitz was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, a place long known for its steel industry and Andy Warhol. Zawitz’s early sculptural inclinations were deeply anchored in these in two inspirational elements.

Zawitz attained a degree in Fine Arts sculpture, with additional majors in Asian Philosophy and Asian Art History from the University of Hawaii 1972. Zawitz’s work in sculpture has been devoted to manifesting essences and energies of Chinese Taoism, Zen, and other metaphysical and alchemical traditions.

Zawitz’s accomplishments include the creation and invention of what he calls“Curvism” in three dimensions and The Tangle Particle. His work encompasses not only Infinity Art but the ubiquitous plaything “Tangle”. Zawitz employs numerous materials and mediums in his work, including wood, stone, metals, plastics, fauna and flora, and mind.

The artist’s sculptures are found in public, and private collections worldwide, while his miniature works of art, Tangle Playthings, having sold over 100 million editions worldwide, can be found in homes, schools and offices.

Tangle is the original fidget toy, a pioneer in therapeutic brain tools for children and schools. The sensory and motor stimulation Tangle provides has been found to help stimulate and maintain attention, even improve math and reading comprehension.

Tangle is one of the most highly recommended educational and therapeutic toys worldwide for an incredibly wide range of Special Needs populations. The shape, color, texture and visual impact of Tangle stimulates the brain and makes Tangle a fun and functional toy!

#222 – Duane from Dads Surviving Divorce

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Duane from Dads Surviving Divorce to talk about his experience with his divorce and how he has helped other dads. Duane started up his site, Dads Surviving Divorce to help people survive when divorcing a narcissistic ex and when kids are involved.  Breaking free from a narcissistic abusive relationship is complicated enough but when you add kids into the mix what are you supposed to do? His site will strive to answer those questions and provide you real-world experience to help you through the process.

Having a few years under his belt and a bit more experience in dealing with the daily life of divorce and being, basically, a single father (at least for half the time) he has learned a few things. For more information go to



#221 – Nathan Timmel – Hey Buddy Dubious Advice from Dad

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk with stand-up comedian and father, Nathan Timmel. They talk about Nathan’s book, Hey Buddy… Dubious Advice from Dad, fatherhood and what type of content he talks about while up on stage.

When he was but six years old, Nathan conned his sweet little grandmother into buying him a record album. The cover pictured a man picking his nose, and what’s funnier to a six-year-old than boogers? That album was George Carlin’s “Class Clown,” and soon Nathan was the only child running around the playground shouting the “Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say On Television.” Thus began Nathan’s descent into a career in stand-up comedy.

A storyteller with the ability to hit with one liners, Nathan sticks close to home when it comes to material. He talks of his tours overseas, his daughter’s poopy diapers, and his experiences in getting his wife pregnant (material she doesn’t always appreciate).

Nathan currently lives near Iowa City, Iowa, with his wife and two children. For more on Nathan go to

#220 – Devorah Blachor – The Feminist’s Guide to Raising a Little Princess

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Devorah Blachor to talk about her new book, The Feminist’s Guide to Raising a Little Princess, parenthood, and talking about the label of the word feminism.

Devorah Blachor is the author of The Feminist’s Guide to Raising a Little Princess. She’s also written novels, humor, personal essays, scripts, grant proposals, newsletters for disorganized NGOs, content for obsolete websites, IT brochures, a mediocre college thesis, refrigerator notes, letters for the Prime Minister of Israel and doodles of three dimensional boxes. She lives with her husband and two kids.

For more on Devorah go to her website,