#216 – James Flawith – Lil Worker Safety Gear

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 216 - James Flawith - Lil Worker Safety Gear

Art Eddy brings on James Flawith, who is an arborist and the founder of Lil Worker Safety Gear. He and his wife have as he says three ruckus-making young lads. Art talks with James about fatherhood, creating the Lil Worker Safety clothing and being on the Canadian show, Dragons Den, to pitch his business.

While James is at work the law requires that he wears high visibility, high contrast clothing to keep him safe from hazards. When he gets home from work his sons love to tackle him to the ground, strip off his safety gear and parade around the house in it. As cute as it is, wearing big, baggy adult safety gear actually makes my little men less safe. Laughing and running quickly turns into crying and sobbing when long shirts trip little legs and small boys go flying.

As a responsible parent, safe worker and fun-loving Dad, he ventured out to find my boys some high visibility safety shirts of their own. After looking doggedly in retail stores and searching online, though, he couldn’t find any children’s safety gear that replicated what he would wear on the job site.

Determined not to let my boys down, he set out to make some high visibility kids’ clothing of his own. Real high visibility kids’ clothing. And the rest is history.

For more info, go to LilWorkerSafety.ca.

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