#181 – Walter Eggers – We Rad Dads

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 181 - Walter Eggers - We Rad Dads

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Walter Eggers from We Rad Dads. Walter talks to the guys about why he started up the site, how he learned to use the help of others, and what people can get out of his podcast.

Walter Eggers is a very happy single dad who is excited to bring you something that isn’t offered anywhere else, wisdom for non-traditional dads.

Among the strife and wreckage of his own bomb crater, he recognized one sole truth: The ONLY thing that’s important in life is providing the absolute best atmosphere and life for his son, providing for his own well-being and continuing to move forward. So he created We Rad Dads to serve the needs of the single, step, and stay-at-home parent, whether they’re just surviving or actively thriving.

Follow Walter Eggers on Twitter @WeRadDads, Facebook, and WeRadDads.com.

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