#152 – Carolyn Parkhurst – Harmony

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 152 - Carolyn Parkhurst - Harmony

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on New York Times Best Selling Author, Carolyn Parkhurst, to talk about her new book entitled Harmony.

In the book, we see how far a mother will go to save her family. The Hammond family is living in DC, where everything seems to be going just fine, until it becomes clear that the oldest daughter, Tilly, is developing abnormally — a mix of off-the-charts genius and social incompetence. Once Tilly — whose condition is deemed undiagnosable — is kicked out of the last school in the area, her mother Alexandra is out of ideas. The family turns to Camp Harmony and the wisdom of child behavior guru Scott Bean for a solution. But what they discover in the woods of New Hampshire will push them to the very limit. Told from the alternating perspectives of both Alexandra and her younger daughter Iris.

Carolyn draws on her own experience as a mother of a son with Asperger’s to craft this smart, funny, suspenseful story of what a family needs to do for the betterment of their two daughters.

Go to CarolynParkhurst.com to pick up all of Carolyn‘s works and follow her on Twitter @CParkhurst1.