#136 – Don Gulledge – JustPlainOleDon

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 136 - Don Gulledge - JustPlainOleDon

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Don Gulledge from the blog JustPlainOleDon.

Don absolutely adores his children and he loves his family. As he states, he would literally jump into a volcano for them if it would spare their lives. He is an avid fan of the arts, sports keeps him interested, and he just recently found a passion for biking. He created this website to show the world how cool it is to just be a good person.

Don also has a couple of podcasts as well. One is called The Three In A Pod Show he does with his kids and the other is one he does with his brother called What’s Good?

The guys talk to Don about his website, his family, and what made him start up his podcasts. They even talk a bit on the sneakerhead culture.

Follow Don Gulledge on Twitter@JUSTPLAINOLEDON or JustPlainOleDon.com.