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#105 – Christian Lee – Plaid Dad Blog

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 105 - Christian Lee - Plaid Dad Blog

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton chat about Ryan‘s trip home to Ferguson, Missouri and how he’s looking forward to his big family reunion. Then the guys bring on Christian Lee from Plaid Dad Blog.

For Christian and his blog partner, Aaron Saufley feel that plaid evokes immediate imagery in the mind. It’s the look of the Lumberjack. The colors worn by a Craftsman. Maybe it invokes recollections of a Rock & Roll.

That’s the well rounded Dad that they are trying to be at Plaid Dad Blog. They swing axes, and play them too. They turn a wrench and play Barbies with their girls. They try to cook in the kitchen and in the bedroom.

They guys talk to Christian about a podcast with his son called “What We Are Watching”, the short film they produced for National Adoption Week called “Sanctuary”, Christian’s fatherly confessions, and a few of his articles…and, uhh, even Branson, Missouri! […Why not?]

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#104 – Vincent Daly – CuteMonster

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 104 - Vincent Daly - CuteMonster

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk about Ryan‘s cooking and Art‘s many trips into New York City last weekend to screen new movies like “Ant-Man” and “Pixels”. Then they bring on Vincent Daly from CuteMonster.

CuteMonster is an entertainment website for modern parents, family and friends. In recent years, many fathers have expanded their role in parenting due to job loss courtesy of the global financial crisis. Others have simply made a conscious decision to take on the challenge of becoming an engaged parent.

Vince talks to the guys about his future projects such as podcasts, books, and comics. They talk about his articles such as his once called, “Children’s Online Safety Requires Parents to Adapt”.

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#103 – Tom Peterson & Lee Rouson – Anti Bully Squad

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 103 - Tom Peterson & Lee Rouson - Anti Bully Squad

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Tom Peterson, co-founder of the Anti Bully Squad, and former New York Giants running back, Lee Rouson, to talk about their efforts to stop bullies.

Their mission is to create a permanent solution to bullying through education, awareness and prevention. Through good moral character working closely with TV, music, and sports stars, they are creating an environment which will not tolerate bullying and its adverse affects on any individual.

Lee Rouson travels around the country talking to people about making sure that they know who they are inside before judging others. Watch Lee’s speech called “I am.”

The Anti Bully Squad also has a Text 2 Report program. Text 2 Report offers a Nationwide Anti Bully Text line that operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With Text 2 Report, students now have the ability to text in any bully situation and remain 100% anonymous. The Anti Bully Squad does not give out the name of a student, they are assigned a case number for reference. The necessary steps are then taken to help resolve the issue in private. The information is not released, under any circumstances, unless requested by the client.

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#102 – Dr. Robert Zeitlin – Laugh More, Yell Less

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 102 - Dr. Robert Zeitlin - Laugh More, Yell Less

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk about how buying a bottle of Riesling helped pay for Ryan‘s weekend trip with his son. They also bring on Dr. Robert Zeitlin, psychologist and author of “Laugh More, Yell Less: A Guide to Raising Kick-Ass Kids”.

Dr. Robert Zeitlin is dedicated to supporting kids and their parents. Through his work with SpeakUp!, Parenting on the Main Line, and programs designed to increase parent engagement in schools, Robert creates opportunities for parents to share best practices.

As a licensed and school-certified psychologist, Robert also provides parenting strategies, strength-based therapy, and educational testing from his offices in Haverford, PA. In his latest effort to support parents, Robert applies a character-strength approach to help parents work together, communicate better, and be more present with their kids.

Robert is also an avid player of Ultimate Frisbee, and beleives it is an excellent way to build good sportsmanship, character, and a strong family. Read the excellent piece he co-wrote with his son entitled “Ultimate Frisbee, Family, and A Way of Life” on The Good Men Project.

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