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#101 – Victor Aragon – Fandads

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 101 - Victor Aragon - Fandads

The Life of Dad After Show hosts, Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton, talk about the start to their summer, and they bring on Victor Aragon from Fandads. Fandads is a website that’s talks about toys, movies, comic books, video games and parenthood.

Victor talks to the guys about how Fandads was created, what he has learned from being a teacher, Star Wars, and much more…like Ryan’s son’s creation of the site, Life of Son, and the little guy’s obsession with roller coasters.

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#100 – Josh Kaplan – Love and Life for Logan

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 100 - Josh Kaplan - Love and Life for Logan

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk about the significance of their 100th show and not only how The Life of Dad After Show has evolved, but also Life of Dad in general. They bring on Josh Kaplan as their guest this week, who talks about donating his kidney for his 20-month-old son, Logan.

Josh successfully donated his kidney to Logan last week. Both surgeries went well without any complications. Logan is working on getting used to his new regimen of medications but overall is doing well.

Help out Josh and his family by checking out his Facebook page as well as his GoFundMe page.

Also read his story on the TODAY website.

#99 – Jason Greene – One Good Dad

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 99 - Jason Greene - One Good Dad

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Jason Greene from the blog One Good Dad.

Jason talks to the guys about homeschooling, bringing his children to fun events like interviewing sports stars, and how he got into coaching his kid’s soccer team.

Follow Jason Greene on Twitter at @TheJasonGreene or on One Good Dad to keep up with all of his fantastic posts ranging from fatherhood, sports, travel, interviews, and much more. Make sure you read his post entitled, “Holding Hands with My 10 Year Old Son”. That is a taste of what you will find when reading Jason’s fantastic work.

#98 – Scott Behson – The Working Dad’s Survival Guide

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 98 - Scott Behson - The Working Dad's Survival Guide

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Scott Behson of Fathers, Work and Family to talk about his book “The Working Dad’s Survival Guide: How to Succeed at Work and at Home”.

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide helps dads understand they are not alone, and offers a series of concrete time and life management strategies that enable them to succeed in their careers while also being the present, involved fathers they always wanted to be. Through personal stories and interviews with dozens of working dads, as well as actionable advice and useful self-assessment exercises, Scott Behson will help you feel more confident in succeeding in both parts of your life.

Specifically, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide will help dads:

  • Understand that most dads face the same struggles they do.
  • Articulate their career and family priorities through reflection and self-assessment exercises and by reading about other dads’ experiences.
  • Assess their current workplace’s and employer’s attitudes towards work and family. This can lead to a better understanding of ways dads can pursue
  • work-family balance and what barriers may be in their way.
  • Maintain and enhance their work productivity through better prioritization, planning and focus, as well as more efficient time management.
  • Understand how to create, negotiate for, and utilize workplace flexibility.
  • Understand their rights regarding paternity leave.
  • Protect family time from the creeping demands of work.
  • Improve their focus on the most important aspects of parenting, and gain a better understanding of how wives, families and children benefit from present, involved fathers.
  • Carve out “me time” – exercise and social activities – needed to de-stress, renew energy and maintain mental health.
  • Build a support network of other working dads so that they can give and receive friendship, emotional support and tangible help.

A portion of the book’s proceeds is donated to A Better Balance, an advocacy organization promoting family-supportive workplace and social policy.

This book also features a foreword from Dr. Stewart Friedman, bestselling author of “Total Leadership” and “Leading the Life You Want”.

#97 – Nick Edwards – The Dadcade

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 97 - Nick Edwards - The Dadcade

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Nick Edwards from The Dadcade.

Nick talks to the guys about how The Dadcade started up and how he manages to play video games with his busy schedule.

They all talk about their favorite games and how the 80’s 2D characters are making a comeback. They also talk about the stereotype that people who play video games are wasting their time and not learning anything, and they discuss “What Video Games Can Teach You and Your Family”.

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