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#96 – James Estrada – Nerdy at Home Dad

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 96 - James Estrada - Nerdy at Home Dad

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on James Estrada from Nerdy at Home Dad.

James is an at-home dad/freelance audio engineer. He loves comics/graphic novels, video games, Power Rangers, Doctor Who and pretty much any sci-fi show, and music.

James and his wife are blessed with their son J. J is an independent little guy. He likes playing with his train, painting, coloring, and dancing around his room. James and his son go on train rides through the city usually to the library or one of the malls, hang out at the park.and watch shows and movies together.

The two bond over comic books and the very cool costumes that James makes for his son.

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#95 – Jessi Sanfilippo – SHUGGILIPPO

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 95 - Jessi Sanfilippo - SHUGGILIPPO

This week, Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton have an exclusive guest on The Life of Dad After Show. They flip the script and bring on their first female guest. It is none other than the 2015 Iris Awards winner for “Best Video”Jessi Sanfilippo of the popular culture and parenting blog, SHUGGILIPPO.

Jessi hosts the weekly web series, Answerin’ Stuff, on YouTube where she takes questions from the internet and “answers” them.

SHUGGILIPPO has a hilarious take on pop and web cultures and millennial parenting. Jessi is a humorist living in Los Angeles, California with her husband and seven year old son. A former member of the radio industry, Jess decided to apply her peculiar sense of humor to write comedy that appeals to millennials who may or may not have kids. She jokes that she’s not qualified, but she’s doing it anyway.

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…but, first, an important #DadBod public service announcement.

#94 – Chris Bernholdt – DadNCharge

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 94 - Chris Bernholdt - DadNCharge

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Chris Bernholdt from DadNCharge to talk about the great work he does with National At-Home Dad Network, Avengers: Age of Ultron, sports, and how Chris got started as part of the Netflix Stream Team.

Chris also talks to the guys about some of his columns from his site. Some notable articles are his interview with Josh Levs, “Reinventing Skylanders”, and “The Authentic Signature”.

#93 – Benjamin Mullen – Dad On The Mic

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 93 - Benjamin Mullen - Dad On The Mic

This week Ryan Hamilton talks to Art Eddy about his trip to Mom 2.0 Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ryan also gives some love to the Iris Awards winners and nominees. Then the guys bring on “Dad On The Mic” himself, Benjamin Mullen.

The guys chat about Ben‘s future plans to start up a podcast network for parents, his Netflix Diaries, NFL Draft, and his time speaking at the Dad 2.0 Summit earlier this year. Even the popular UNO game comes into the conversation.

Ben Mullen is a writer, producer, blogger, and podcaster. He is the founder and CEO of Lazy Banana Productions, his own production company he founded in 2007. In August 2013 he and his wife Carissa were blessed with the arrival of their daughter Emmanuelle “Emma” Mullen. They currently live in the Philadelphia area.

Ben‘s primary project at the moment is Producing/hosting podcasts via the Lazy Banana Podcast Network.

You can find all of his latest projects on this very site, as well as news and updates regarding future projects.