#85 – Mike Tremoulet – Spoon & Knife

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 85 - Mike Tremoulet - Spoon & Knife

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Mike Tremoulet from Spoon and Knife. Mike and his wife, Christine Tremoulet (aka Avenger of Sexiness) started up Spoon and Knife together in 2013, when they decided that it was time that they put their passions for cooking and photography to good use together.

Every weekend, they will spend the afternoon in the kitchen together. Mike will cook and Christine will photograph it. When they are all done, Christine will write a blog post about it here, and then Mike will post his Cook’s Notes about the recipe to give you additional information from his perspective.

On Mike’s passion for food, Christine says, “Mike loves to cook. He loves to think about cooking. The only books he usually reads are related to cooking. Not recipe books, but technique books. Those are the ones he loves the most. He has actually loves reading technique cookbooks. By day he works in the corporate world here in Houston, Texas. By night, he cooks.”