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#79 – Dr. Joe Taravella – Psychologist

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 79 - Dr. Joe Taravella - Psychologist

This week Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk about surviving the “Blizzard of 2015” and how Art is following Ryan’s footsteps by talking on a panel at Dad 2.0 Summit. They also bring on father, author, and psychologist, Dr. Joe Taravella.

Dr. Joe Taravella is a licensed clinical psychologist and the Supervisor of Pediatric Psychology of NYU-Langone Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr. Joe is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in New York City where he helps children, individuals and families reach their greatest potential every day. He specializes in treating neurological, behavioral, and environmental problems that cause breakdowns within families. It is through his compassion, tolerance and respectful approach to all that Dr. Joe is able to teach his clients the importance of verbal communication, how to accept oneself with open arms and the positive impact that occurs when one breaks away from maladaptive patterns.

Dr. Joe Taravella is also co-author of two children books entitled Hugs of Three: My Daddies and Me and Hugs of Three: My Mommies and Me. The Hugs of Three series were written with the intention of teaching children about unconditional love within families. Both of the books place an emphasis on infant and toddler development giving readers a sense of belonging as children of same-sex parents. The first lines of the book, “My family is so special” draws readers in with a relatable tone and continues to highlight the moments that all families share and cherish.

He also serves as an active Board Member, titled Director of Family Programs, for the Kid Angel Foundation. Kid Angel is a non-profit organization helping underprivileged children and families from distressed communities move toward positive social and economic mobility.

#78 – RC Liley – Going Dad

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 78 - RC Liley - Going Dad

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on fellow at-home dad blogger – R.C. Liley of Going Dad.

R.C. really cares about fitness and nutrition and feels that it is of the utmost importance in their family and they strive to reflect this in their daily life. He always prepares their meals at home and only go out if it’s a special occasion, and even then he tends to not get much.

R.C. says, “Food should be fun and a joy to eat, not something quickly consumed from a fast food chain or scarf down before the next meeting. I have come from strictly logging high miles to train for the next marathon to keeping exercise varied and focusing more on strength. I still enjoy going for a run when I can, but nothing crazy, and I prefer hill sprints while pushing my daughter, Avery in the stroller. She loves it and I get a great workout!”

He wants to show the world how to appreciate their body and feed it real, wholesome food while moving more throughout the day. In doing so, everyone would be healthier, happier, and we’d all live in a better place as a result. He blogs mainly about his life as a stay-at-home dad and frequently include reviews, participate in campaigns, and shares his thoughts on fitness and nutrition.

And, regarding crazy microwave experiments, here are the YouTube videos that were mentioned in this podcast.

Microwave Ivory Soap (…maybe try this at home?)

Glow stick blows up in kid’s face (…ABSOLUTELY DO NOT try this at home.)


#77 – Rodney Kellum – Fatherpreneur

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 77 - Rodney Kellum - Fatherpreneur

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on entrepreneurial dad blogger, Rodney Kellum from Fatherpreneur.

They guys talk with Rodney about his life, fatherhood, and how he put being a father over any job or profession.

Rodney is an online entrepreneur who has a real work/life balance. He has a passion to help other overworked Dads break free from the dream killing “employee mindset” that used to keep him trapped in a cycle of unemployment, broke, and unfulfilled.

Learn more about the Fatherpreneurship movement here.

Make sure you witness his inspirational story of triumph, “From Homeless To Homeowner In 90 Days”.

#76 – Jeff Bogle – Out With The Kids

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 76 - Jeff Bogle - Out With The Kids

The Life of Dad After Show hosts, Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton, wrap up New Years celebrations and bring on the fantastic Jeff Bogle of Out With The Kids.

Jeff is an at-home dad who writes about parenthood, family travel, and especially kindie music, books, toys & culture at his site Out With The Kids (aka OWTK). He also writes for PBS Parents and Huffington Post Parents and is an image logger for Samsung.

The guys talk about a few of Jeff’s articles such as “The Grounds Behind Her Eyes”, “Chokeholds and Christmas Trees”, and many more. They also talk about how children can help parents keep things in perspective and that moment when Jeff realized that he was living his childhood dreams.


#75 – David Guest – Life of Dad – HAPPY NEW YEAR

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 75 - David Guest - Life of Dad - HAPPY NEW YEAR

The Life of Dad After Show hosts, Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton, bring on Life of Dad co-founder, David Guest.

The three of them reflect on some of the great memories from 2014 as well as highlight David’s column, Film School for Dads. They also focus on the interview David and Art had with Rocky director, John Avildsen (…podcast audio here ;).

From humble beginnings to the great success that Life of Dad has seen in 2013 and 2014, we are deeply appreciative of the awesome relationships that we’ve made with you, our listeners, fellow parents, and members of the parent blogger communities of the world. We wish you the greatest of prosperity and success in 2015. Much love.