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#74 – Eric Novak – Eviro Dad

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 74 - Eric Novak - Eviro Dad

This week Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Eric Novak, who is the creator, principal contributor and executive editor of Enviro Dad.

He is also the President and founder of Modern Media Perspectives. In this role, he provides media consulting services related to public and media relations, marketing and communications. Eric is a consultant, video producer, TV host, writer and blogger.

Eric is a nationally recognized public speaker and has presented talks and seminars on topics that relate to his profession and his passions such as marketing, communications, social media and media relations. He has also been personally trained by both Al Gore and Dr. David Suzuki to deliver a version of the slide show presentation featured in the movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”, on behalf of Mr. Gore to Canadians.

Since being first trained in 2008, Eric has presented to almost 20,000 Canadians in several provinces on the subject of Global Climate Change. He has spoken at such prestigious events such as the inaugural TEDxUOIT event and the inaugural #140 Conference Ontario. From 2009 until March, 2011 he was the author of the popular “Who’s Your Daddy” Blog which appears on Erica Ehm’s very successful Yummy Mummy Club website as he shared weekly with his international readership what it’s like to be a parent to 4 young children.

We talk with Eric about his website, the environment, his TED Talk, fatherhood, family, the eco-friendliness of real vs. artificial Christmas trees, his 10-year-old son’s incredible Rubik’s Cube skills, and much more.

Follow Eric on Twitter and check out his work on Enviro Dad. Enjoy!

#73 – David Stanley – Rants & Mutters

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 73 - David Stanley - Rants & Mutters

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton welcome to the show an incomparable dad blogger, David Stanley of Rants & Mutters.

David is a teacher, science guy, writer, musician, voice-over master, coach, skier and bike racer.

He is a tremendous writer – entertaining, pragmatic, and wise. He blogs about life, death, friendship, cancer, sports, nature, science, kids and education. He also writes for Dads Round Table.

This week the topics at hand are our favorite Christmas and Hanukkah gifts that we have either given or received, how science rocks, the wonders of the tardigrade and more. Enjoy!

#72 – David Dennis, Jr.

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 72 - David Dennis, Jr.

The Life of Dad After Show hosts, Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on a great gentlemen and prolific freelance writer and editor, David Dennis, Jr.

David’s work can be found on many media outlets. David has been featured on The Smoking Section, Uproxx, With Spandex, The Guardian, Playboy, and OffBeat Magazine.

Art and Ryan highlight a few of David’s articles in this podcast. His popular article, “My Son Is Black. With Autism. And I’m Scared Of What The Police Will Do To Him“, deals with the issue of race in America and how having a son with Autism only creates more stress.

Then, they discuss gender roles in regards to David’s article entitled,“Yes, my wife sometimes serves me dinner. It doesn’t mean our marriage is antiquated.”

And, for you wrestling fans, David has you covered as well. Make sure you read “‘Rap Is Crap’ Is 15 Years Old So Let’s Reflect Upon Its Undeniable Glory.”

The guys talk about fatherhood, Autism, comic books, and much more. Enjoy!

#71 – Jarrod Hindman – Man Therapy

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 71 - Jarrod Hindman - Man Therapy

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Eric Bennion of Diary Dad’s Dadventures who has been the driving force for the Movember movement here at Life of Dad.

The guys welcome special guest Jarrod Hindman from Man

Jarrod who is one of the brilliant minds behind the site. He and his crew developed Man Therapy to, as they put it, “smash the notion that men shouldn’t talk about their feelings.”

Follow Dr. Rich Mahogany on Twitter and start your #ManTherapy.