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#69 – Cheyenne Bostock – AskCheyB

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 69 - Cheyenne Bostock - AskCheyB

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton welcome Cheyenne Bostock, a devoted father, God-fearing man, passionate life & relationship expert and best-selling author of “Food, Sex And Peace Of Mind: What A Woman Needs To Know To Keep A Man and his latest book, “Break Every Chain”.

Cheyenne is originally from Brooklyn, NY, graduated from St. Anthony high school in Jersey City, NJ where he played basketball on a 2x back-to-back State Championship winning team (01-02). He went on to study business and psychology at Texas Wesleyan University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in 2008.

Cheyenne created “AskCheyB” while living in a homeless shelter in 2011. While going through a bad break up, and experiencing financial setbacks of his own, he found a way to channel that unwanted negative energy and turn it into something positive. Through coaching other people, Cheyenne was able to see the value in being selfless and helping others. Each individual he coached made him feel better about who he was and where he was in life. This was the strength he needed to build the right relationships, form the right partnerships and get himself out of the homeless shelter for good.

After opening up a free channel for relationship advice, the demand grew so high that Cheyenne decided to turn his passion into a source of income. Cheyenne spent each day reading books on self-help, psychology, social media marketing, branding, advertising, etc and figured out a way to do exactly what he loved, which was motivate and inspire others, and make a living in the process. Within two years time, Cheyenne as been able to establish a loyal following of over 100,000 people via his various social media sites and has helped improve the lives of thousands.

Cheyenne gives advice on life, business and love to help encourage those who are afraid, in doubt or even in despair to feel a sense of hope. Today, Cheyenne is a highly sought after Life & Relationship Expert, motivational speaker and best selling author who travels the U.S. speaking to audiences looking for motivation and inspiration.

His book “Break Every Chain” gets released on December 18, 2014. You can order the book here!

The gentlemen also discuss Ryan’s appearance on the special Movember episode of The Modern Dads Podcast presented by City Dads Group, focusing on men’s health — more specifically men’s mental health. Ryan Hamilton, Lorne Jaffe of Raising Sienna, and Ron Mattocks of Clark Kent’s Lunchbox talk about their individual experiences with anxiety, depression, and bi-polar disorder, and the various ways each has found treatment and support.

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#68 – Matt Clarke – Convos With My 2-Year-Old

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 68 - Matt Clarke - Convos With My 2-Year-Old

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on actor, storyteller, singer, and songwriter — Matthew Clarke from the hit YouTube series, Convos With My 2-Year-Old.

The series follows actual conversations that Matthew has with his daughter, but the videos are re-enacted by Matt and another full-grown man, David Milchard. David plays the role of Coco, who is Matthew’s daughter.

The guys talk with Matthew about the show, it’s creation. other projects that Matthew is working on, home decor, and much more.

If you love Matt’s series, make sure you pick up some of Convos merchandise.

#67 – Chris Routly – Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 67 - Chris Routly - Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on father and author Chris Routly.

Christopher Routly is a stay-at-home dad living in Portland, OR with his wife and two adorable sons. He writes and draws about being a dad on his blog, Daddy Doctrines.

He has created a Kickstarter campaign for his latest book, “Sometimes You Need A Jellyfish”.

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The guys talk to Chris about his inspiration for his book, his reason for starting his Kickstarter, and the possibility of writing a sequel to the “Sometimes You Need A Jellyfish”.