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#57 – Josh Langham – Langham Wellness

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 57 - Josh Langham - Langham Wellness

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk about a few upcoming trips where Ryan will be speaking. They also discuss Life of Dad co-founder, David Guest’s new column – Film School for Dads – and his interview with Academy Award-Winning Director, John G. Avildsen.

Then, the guys welcome Licensed Professional Counselor and father Josh Langham. Josh and the guys talk about how a three year old looks to test boundaries, how to be open and honest with your kids, the concept of leading by example, and much more.

#56 – Brian Cain – Officer Dad

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 56 - Brian Cain - Officer Dad

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk about the situation in Ryan’s hometown of Ferguson, Missouri. They also bring on dad blogger Brian Cain (aka Officer Dad).

Brian Cain is a police officer with a passion for entrepreneurism, social media, family, and coffee.

Since becoming a police officer in 2000, much of Brian’s work has revolved around law enforcement officers. He is proud to work with other officers to help them launch side businesses with only small amounts of initial capital (less than $100). Inspired by his love of work and his love of studying how people interact online, he looks to help teach law enforcement officers and their agencies about social media trends and how to best utilize social media platforms.

Though much of his work involves law enforcement, it’s not what’s most important to him. As a happily married husband and dad, he aims to keep his family first. He founded – an online resource that aims to show fatherhood through the eyes of “Police Dads” – to help law enforcement officers strike the right balance between family and work.

#55 – Mike Andrews Jr. – Geek Daddio

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 55 - Mike Andrews Jr. - Geek Daddio

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Mike Andrews Jr. aka the Geek Daddio. Mike talks to the guys about his Go Fund Me campaign to be able to go to the 2014 At-Home Dad Convention, what the convention is all about, and his work with the National At Home Dad Network.

Mike Andrews has been an at home dad to 4 kids since March 2012. He enjoys sharing his love for Star Wars and other geeky things with his kids. Not only does he talk about Star Wars with his kids, but he and Art talk about the new J.J. Abrams films, collectibles and the Star Wars books.

The guys end the show by discussing their favorite arcade game that they’d like to have at home.

#54 – Anthony DeBenedet – The Art of Roughhousing

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 54 - Anthony DeBenedet - The Art of Roughhousing

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton thank everyone for their support of Life of Dad, then discuss Art’s first Nike ID kicks. Then they welcome Anthony T. DeBenedet, M.D. who is a board-certified physician in internal medicine and an incredibly active and adventurous father. He is an avid athlete, he enjoys basketball, running, hiking, and golf. He lives with his wife and three young daughters in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The guys chat with Anthony about his TED Talk, his book “The Art of Roughhousing”, and the power of playing and getting a little rowdy with our kids.

Check him out on Twitter @RowdyDad, Facebook, and his website — The Art of Roughhousing.