#44 – Chris Bernholdt – DadNCharge

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 44 - Chris Bernholdt - DadNCharge

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on dad blogger and stay at home dad extraordinaire Chris Bernholdt. You can check him out at his blog called DadNCharge.

He is also the blog editor for the National At-Home Dad Network. His writing has appeared on The Good Men Project, CNN iReport, and here at Life of Dad. He is also the co-founder of Philly Dads Group a social group which attempts to connect active dads and their kids in a real life community on and offline.

In this podcast we talk about two of this great works called “We Hate You Too, Single Traveler” and “You Can Do Anything, My Daughters”. Plus Chris helps the guys answer the question of how having three kids is easier than having two.

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