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#35 – Kitchen Club Kids – Eluka Moore & Larry Puzniak

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 35 - Kitchen Club Kids - Eluka Moore & Larry Puzniak

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton welcome the good folks from Bread + Butter Publishing, Eluka Moore and Larry Puzniak, the incredible authors of the award-winning “Kitchen Club Kids” recipe adventure book series.

There’s really no other children’s storybook collection that promotes healthy eating habits, fundamental learning opportunities and recipe building skills like Kitchen Club Kids. Plus, they’re fun to read!

Experts say one of the best ways to help children develop problem-solving skills is to cook together. As parents ourselves, we’ve experienced many great teaching opportunities in the kitchen with our little ones. It’s from this same love of food, fun and sharing that Larry and Eluka created Kitchen Club Kids. Their stories foster learning interactions and an appreciation for the foods our children eat. Focusing on basic counting, colors, food recognition and critical thinking, you can experience the lessons of the kitchen in any room of your home.

On the show Larry and Eluka talk to the guys about their new book, “Garden Safari Vegetable Soup”. Learn how to create a tasty vegetable soup in ten easy steps. This edible, flavor adventure is sure to stir up some kitchen fun. Explore numbers, colors and vegetables.

Join the Kitchen Club Kids as they visit the garden to find fresh vegetables to eat. They search and count. They cut, dice and stir until the meal is complete. This rhymey-good-timey recipe adventure story offers basic cooking lessons and promotes healthy eating. The colorful illustrations and layered learning opportunities on each page will keep your child’s interest from beginning to end.

Visit Kitchen Club Kids today! Go to

#34 – Jeff Bogle – Out With The Kids

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 34 - Jeff Bogle - Out With The Kids

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk about whistling contests, the Life of Dad Bracket Buster Challenge, and they have the great pleasure to bring on dad blogger Jeff Bogle from the blog Out With The Kids and the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast.

The guys talk with Jeff about his OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast that finds great music for the whole family to enjoy, why he loves writing about his kids, donating toys, and covering he GRAMMYS.

If you are looking for outstanding music for your family give the OWTK podcast a listen, and experience “The Golden Era of Family Music”.

#33 – James Tew – Raising 3 Daughters

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 33 - James Tew - Raising 3 Daughters

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk about the different promotions they have going on at Life of Dad. The guys also welcome dad blogger, James Tew, from the Australian blog, Raising 3 Daughters.

James is a member of the Australian Defense Force. He has spent a number of years of his life in the military and loves the lifestyle it provides. He started blogging to connect with dads around the world.

In his blog he looks to talk about dealing with deployments, healthy habits for kids, issues he faces as a military father, and general parenting issues as well as being a good father.

#32 – Pat & Kepley – Just a Dad 247

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 32 - Pat & Kepley - Just a Dad 247

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Pat and Kepley. They are two great dads from Just A Dad 247.

Pat and Kepley look to help each other and in turn, hope to help the growth of the dad community. They help other dads out there register a dad group with the National At-Home Dad Network, the most comprehensive list of dad groups available. They want to all work together to help our dad brothers find a place to call home.