Monthly Archives: August 2013

#6 – Greg Blanchard – Inappropriate Conversations

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 6 - Greg Blanchard - Inappropriate ConversationsArt Eddy and Ryan Hamilton invite Greg Blanchard from the Inappropriate Conversations podcast. Greg has two kids in college. He talks with Art and Ryan about kids, his podcasts, college, drinking, and why he wishes that the Life of Dad site was around when he was starting out as a parent.

Find Greg on Facebook for both Inappropriate Conversations and Walk the Earth.

#5 – Brian Edsell – Dadstractions

The Life of Dad After Show - Episode 5 - Brian Edsell - Dadstractions

Hosts, Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk to Brian Edsell of Dadstractions about zombies, video games and how the movie “Annie” has some adult themes that might not be suitable for kids.

Make sure you check out Brian’s website – – and listen to his Dadstractions Podcast. He and his co-host talk about comic books and pop culture.